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How To... Use a Digimatic Indicator (Episode 2)

Welcome to Quality Digest's new show, "How-To," a series for quality control and quality assurance specialists who need quick instructions on how to get things done. Featuring Quality Digest's editor in chief Dirk Dusharme and Craig Howell, president of CPM Labs.

This episode is sponsored by Mitutoyo and features their Digimatic Indicator. Learn more here:

This is the second episode of an 11 episode series. You can view the full playlist of episodes here:
This is the first episode of an 11 episode series. Stay tuned for more!

Got a suggestion for another How To episode? Leave it in the comments!

Mitutoyo Digimatic ID-C Indicators

Mitutoyo Digimatic ID-C Indicators

cek disini :
https://www.kawanlama.com/dig-indicator-50-0-001mm-543-490b.html, https://www.kawanlama.com/dig-indicator-12-7-0-001mm-543-390b.html, https://www.kawanlama.com/dig-indicator-12-7mm-0-001mm-543-390.html

Mitutoyo Digital Indicator 543 With Processor 264

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